Monthly Archive for: ‘August, 2010’

  • Re-Athlete in Action


    From time to time, we will ask guest bloggers to share their stories and their insights on young adult-related topics — it’s all part of creating an online community through which each of us can feel a little more supported, a little more understood, and [...]

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  • Christineelisam

    9 years post-BMT. (It’s) *still* crazy, after all these years.


    I dedicate today’s post to Eli, without whom I wouldn’t be here to write it. For the most part, this blog was set up as a way of giving you updates from The SAMFund and providing information about young adult survivor resources when we have [...]

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  • Full Group2 2010

    Join The SAMFund Survivors’ Network!


    Cancer is the gift that keeps on taking.  We all know that financial struggles post-treatment are, unfortunately, nearly universal within the young adult survivor community. Savings are depleted during treatment. Health insurance premiums take up almost an entire paycheck. Medical bills pile up. Trips to [...]

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  • The SAMFund

    Joining the 21st century…


    Better late than never… The SAMFund joins the blogosphere! Through this blog, you will find out everything you never wanted to know about being a young adult with a history of cancer. Where to find financial support. How to connect with others just like you [...]

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