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Meet Lisa Daria


In this week’s post we want to introduce you to Lisa Daria, young adult survivor, SAMFund volunteer, proud dog owner and artist extraordinaire! Among the many reasons why we think she’s amazing, here are the top 5:

She has created an outlet for cancer survivors to document their stories and share them online, calling it
The Big C Visual Journal. Take a look, post your story, or just take comfort in the stories of others.


She’s committed to creating a painting a day — and is currently on #604.


She hosted a BBQ for our Survivors’ Network program at her home and has been a repeat attendee at our events in the Boston area — speaking of which, the third annual Chili Cook-Off is coming up on Saturday, January 29th, so email events@thesamfund.org if you want to join us!


Lisa has volunteered with The SAMFund for more than five years, donating her time and her graphic design talents to create our brochure, our business cards and our 2010 holiday cards – which were a huge hit!

Which brings us to #5…


After the success of our holiday cards at the end of last year, we thought it could be a great way to raise some extra funds throughout the rest of the year, too. So, we are in the process of creating SAMFund tribute cards (as in, you need a last-minute birthday/wedding/anniversary gift for someone and they have way too much *stuff* as it is…so you decide to spend the money in a more meaningful way and make a donation in their honor, instead!) or blank notecards — which would you prefer?

Lisa has graciously agreed to let us use her paintings for these new cards, and here’s where we need your help… because after looking through all 604 of those fantastic paintings, we can’t decide which ones we like best! We’ve narrowed it down to 5 – can you help us pick the top three?

Leave a comment letting us know your top 3, and the winning selections will be made into cards, available soon on our website! Thanks for your input!

  1. Denise Rose
    Denise Rose01-21-2011

    All wonderful (I am a HUGE fan of Lisa's work!) but:

    1. Joined at the Hip
    2.Boat Boat
    3. Ah-Ha!

  2. Kim

    1. Joined at the hip
    2. Cheery disposition
    3. Boat Boat

  3. Gina Brown
    Gina Brown01-21-2011

    You can't go wrong with any of them. But if I had to choose, I'd choose Cheery, Joined, and Ah-Ha. I love Lisa's work…

  4. Caladh

    Joined at the Hip, Cheery Disposition, Lighthouse Two

    Good idea and good luck with the fundraising!

  5. Virginia Floyd
    Virginia Floyd01-21-2011

    Lighthouse, Boat, and Aha! All great paintings!

  6. Markus

    I like them all, but my top choices are:
    a) Boat Boat
    b) Joined at the Hip
    c) Ah-ha

  7. Margo

    ah ha, Cheery disposition, joined at the hip in that order

  8. janis McCarty
    janis McCarty01-21-2011

    Joined at the Hip, Ah-Ha and Lighthouse 2.

  9. Kimberly Santini
    Kimberly Santini01-21-2011

    Joined at the Hip, Ah-ha and Boat Boat!!

    LOVE the idea – you rock, Lisa!

  10. Hockomock Joe
    Hockomock Joe01-21-2011

    My picks would be:
    1. Joined at the Hip
    2. Ah-ha
    3. Cheery Disposition

    As it has been mentioned, you can't go wrong with any of the five. . .

    Most Proud Dad

  11. JanettMarie

    Three, only 3?
    Joined at the Hip
    Boat Boat

  12. Chris

    Cheery Disposition, Lighthouse and Joined at the Hip. SAMF is very impressive.

  13. Linda

    1) Lighthouse Two
    2) Boat Boat
    3) Joined at the Hip

    Lisa's is a true inspiration. Her work brightens my house, and my inbox!

  14. Linda

    1) Lighthouse Two
    2) Boat Boat
    3) Joined at the Hip

    Lisa is an amazing inspiration to me! Her work brightens my life.

  15. Liza Hirst
    Liza Hirst01-21-2011

    From another big fan of Lisa's work:

    1. Joined at the Hip
    2.Boat Boat
    3. Ah-Ha!

  16. Renee Brennan
    Renee Brennan01-21-2011

    1) Ah-Ha!
    2) Boat Boat
    3) Lighthouse Two

    Gosh I'm glad we didn't have to choose from all 603, it would take me weeks! Love Lisa's work!

  17. jk

    1. Joined at the Hip
    2. Cheery Disposition
    3. Lighthouse Two

    Love you, Lisa!

  18. dailyhues

    1. Boat boat
    2. Joined at the Hip
    3. Lighthouse Two

    Lisa's an outstanding artist and volunteer.

  19. Jerry Stocks
    Jerry Stocks01-22-2011

    I like:
    Lighthouse Two
    Boat Boat

  20. Sally Dean
    Sally Dean01-22-2011

    first three have my vote!

  21. Cynthia k. Agathocleous
    Cynthia k. Agathocleous01-22-2011

    joined at the hip

  22. Melanie Clay
    Melanie Clay01-22-2011

    1. Cheery Disposition
    2. Boat Boat
    3. Lighthouse Two

    I love them all!

  23. tracywall

    1. Joined at the Hip
    2. Ah-Ha!
    3. Boat Boat

    Sounds like a fabulous organization!

  24. Jeanette Peters
    Jeanette Peters01-24-2011

    1. Joined at the Hip
    2. Lighthouse Two
    3. Boat Boat

  25. Cindy

    cheery disposition, boat boat, and ah-ha. but i love all of them. lisa's work is brilliant!

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