The SAMFund 2015 Grants Application (Part I) Frequently Asked Questions

 The SAMFund 2015 Grants Application (Part I)
Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to apply?

You are eligible to apply if you are a U.S. resident, are between the ages of 21 and 39 at the time when Part I is submitted and are either:

  • finished with active treatment with no evidence of disease,
  • one year following the completion of planned therapy, or
  • in remission on maintenance therapy

If you meet these criteria at the time when Part I is submitted, you are eligible to apply. Please note that our eligibility requirements have changed somewhat since last year.

What is The SAMFund looking for in an applicant?
In addition to the eligibility requirements stated above, the best candidates for funding from The SAMFund can make a clear and direct connection between their current financial difficulties and their experiences with cancer. If you are not sure whether or not you would be a good candidate for funding, please email your specific questions to and we would be happy to give you feedback about whether it is appropriate for you to apply. If you have limited internet access, you may call our office at (617) 938-3484.

Good candidates for a grant:

  • Can articulate how their cancer experience has impacted their current financial situation
  • Have immediate financial needs that are not being covered by a spouse/domestic partner or a parent/other family member
  • Are not able to get financial assistance from any other source
  • Are struggling financially as a result of their cancer treatment (e.g., lost wages, high medical bills, etc) or its aftermath (e.g., limited ability to work, side effects from treatment, etc)
  • Are limited in their employment options, have lost their jobs, or have sustained a major loss in wages due to their cancer experience

What type of grant can I request?
See our “Categories of Funding” page for more specifics, but we will consider almost all personal requests. The SAMFund does not fund business-related requests, credit card repayment requests, or requests for help purchasing a car. (While applicants can request assistance with auto repair, auto insurance, or funding for public transportation, we do not provide grants for the purchase of vehicles.)

If you would like to apply for assistance with Family Building, please note that there are two different categories of this type of request. The first request type is for egg, sperm or embryo storage (maximum =$1,000), and you may make this request in addition to other requests. If, however, you are seeking assistance for IUI, IVF, gestational carrier, adoption, etc. (maximum=$4,000), you may only make this one request. Please only make this request if it is your highest priority. Strong applicants for this type of grant have a concrete plan, an approximate timeframe for their procedure or process, and other resources for funding the remainder of the cost (if higher than $4,000).

Please note that The SAMFund does not accept requests for undergraduate tuition. We will, however, consider requests for graduate tuition, vocational training, continuing education and student loan repayment. Undergraduates may request help with other school-related expenses (i.e., computers, books and supplies) only if they are responsible for paying these and are not currently receiving help from their parents, schools or other sources.

Can I complete an application for someone else?
All applications must be completed by the person diagnosed with cancer, except for cases in which a survivor is unable to complete the application for him or herself. If you feel this situation applies to you, you must clearly state the reasons why. If you are unsure as to whether this situation applies, please email or call The SAMFund office at 617-938-3484.

Do you want to see my parents’ financial information if I am a dependent?

No, please do not include your parents’ financial information.

How does the process work?
Part I of the application will be available on our website from Wednesday, May 27th at 9am EDT to Friday, June 19th at 5pm EDT. You will be asked to answer questions about your cancer experience, current financial situation and your grant requests. There are a few short essay questions as well. A committee will review all applications and you will be notified via email by Friday, July 17th whether or not you have been invited to complete Part II of the application.

Can I go back and change my answers?
While you are working on the application, you can move back and forth between the pages and change your answers if you would like to do so. You may also stop and return to your application at a later date, simply by logging back in. However, once you click “submit,” your application will be submitted and you will be unable to go back and make any changes. Please be sure to review your answers thoroughly before submitting!  If The SAMFund receives more than one application from you, only the first (earliest) one will be reviewed.

How do I know that my application has been received?
Once you successfully submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email. Please save this email for your records! You will also see when you log in that all your available tasks will be marked as “complete.”

Can I look back at/print a copy of my application?
Though you cannot make changes, you can log back in to look back at your application or print it at any time.

When will I be notified?
You will be notified via email by Friday, July 17th whether or not you have been invited to submit Part II of the application. If you are invited to submit Part II, you will be notified in mid-October of the committee’s final decisions. If you have not received an email from us by July 20th, please check your junk or spam mail folder. If you still have not received an email from us, you may contact our office at or 617-938-3484 for your application status.

What if my circumstances change after I submit my application?

If your circumstances change after you’ve submitted your application and before you’ve been notified in August, please just email or call The SAMFund to let us know.

Who can I call if I have questions?
If you have questions about the application process, the best way to get a quick response is to email You may also call The SAMFund office at 617-938-3484.

Thank you and good luck!