2009-2010 Recipients

In 2010, we awarded a total of $96,000 in grants to young adult survivors all over the country.

  • Aaliyah M

    survivor of ovarian cancer
    “I thought that my dream of New York and going to school there was finished. I watched all that I had worked for go down the drain as I lost the funding that was already in place for that academic year. I dreaded the time loss in school and felt the fire within me burn out with each treatment of chemotherapy.”
  • Jacquae W

    survivor of Hodgkin's Lymphoma
    “...despite what happens to me, as long as I have life and I am not confined to a hospital bed, I will move forward with my life, my dreams and my goals. I hope to one day be an inspiration and a hope to children with cancer as a pediatric oncologist. Although I did not graduate from UCLA in 2005 as scheduled, I graduated in 2008 and I am currently in a masters program in biology and will apply to medical school next year. I will become a doctor. I am stronger and truly know my strength to fight through anything.”
  • Melanie C.

    survivor of a brain tumor
    “The SAMfund supported me financially, through the assistance of prescription co-pays and car insurance. But they also encouraged me to live a more normal young life, one less filled with the worries of cancer and the latent effects that linger from it. Their financial assistance helped me focus on the positive things in my life and enjoy my education. Being a part of the SAMfund family has encouraged me to be more involved in survivorship programs in the future, and has made me very aware of the passion that I hold for encouraging others that are going through experiences I have endured.”
  • David M.

    survivor of testicular cancer
    “I am very grateful to the SAMFund for this opportunity to apply for financial assistance. Since having cancer, I have lost my credit and credit cards, and have had to contend with a great deal of financial stress during a time when I was facing a nearly fatal disease with no immediate family support. I intend to use this financial aid to become a more independent person, both emotionally and financially.”
  • Amanda D.

    survivor of leukemia
    “I’m ready to move on and start my life. However the goals I have set for myself will be hard to accomplish due to my illnesses. I have been disabled for almost three years and don’t have the funding to attend college, move out, or to even get a gym membership... I know with a push in the right direction from the SAMfund I will be a few steps closer to accomplishing my goals!”
  • Aaron W.

    survivor of a brain tumor
    “Most people my age are getting ready for their future and ready to move to the next step of their life, where my life actually was suspended during that crucial time. How could I have applied to college or joined the military, while having cancer and needing necessary treatment? By the time I was ready and well enough to apply to college – most scholarships and other assistance were gone.”
  • Jetty K.

    survivor of a brain tumor
    “Having the state of mind to approach all obstacles without hesitation is a priceless gift that has been allotted to me by my SAMFund grants. The SAMFund and everyone involved will forever have my gratitude for all of the assistance they have provided for my future.”
  • Bettina M.

    survivor of hodgkin's lymphoma
    “The financial assistance provided by The SAMFund will be a force to push me into my short term and future goals. Some of my financial debt will be dissolved and allow me to focus on my dreams for my future career. This financial assistance will allow me to focus on my studies and also on the rotations that I plan to have in my next year of school.”
  • Allison A.

    survivor of breast cancer
    “My once jammed packed, full of life days had become a continuum of doctors’ appointments. This was a time in my life when most of my friends were planning their futures and preparing for marriage and children. Instead, I was coming to terms with loss: my hair, my breasts, and the girl I had been.”
  • Anne B.

    survivor of cervical cancer
    “I think about quitting school because of the financial burden it places on our single income family and it is just a dream that I so desperately want to achieve. I want to make my family proud and I want to feel that my going through the whole cancer experience that something good can come out of it. Which I know that if I can make it through school I can be that caring, positive nurse that the patient will see that day. Without funding I am not sure if my dreams will come true.”
  • Brittany G.

    survivor of pancreatic cancer
    “The SAMFund to me means hope, peace of mind, and a promise for a better, fuller, and cancer-free life where I can fully focus on my academic workload, set even greater future goals, and regain the year of my life and opportunities lost during my battle with cancer."
  • Daniel M.

    survivor of a brain tumor
    “Now that I have graduated and proven to myself that I can overcome any obstacle, regaining all or some of my previous ability to walk is a important short term goal of mine.”
  • Kimberly W.

    survivor of hodgkin's lymphoma
    “All the money I had saved for school (and then some!) went to pay medical bills, of which I still have thousands of dollars owed, with more accruing all the time. I’m so excited to go back to school, and am disappointed in this setback...With assistance from The SAMFund, I can begin school much earlier, as my money can be going towards saving for school, instead of paying off medical debt.”
  • Lila C.

    survivor of hodgkin's lymphoma
    “I now have very bad credit and now I am trying to be an adult and get out on my own two feet, but it is not possible, because no one in the real world will help me out because all they see when they look at me is a bad credit score, and not the story behind it, not the real reason why I couldn’t pay my bills.”
  • Rachel L.

    survivor of an askin's tumor
    “... the majority of my money goes to my medical expenses- my husband says it is our ‘mortgage’. It is something that most people our age have no comprehension of. Sometimes things like this make it hard to be a miraculous survivor of a rare cancer. I am so grateful for any assistance you are able to offer us. Because of organizations like yours, I am able to continue working on my dreams for the future.”
  • Stuart W.

    survivor of testicular cancer
    “My personal well-being continues to improve; I am cancer free, I exercise daily and strive to make health a way of life. I want to lead by example emulating the caring, empathetic nurses who helped me get through the roughest time of my life. While I am unbelievably excited at this prospect, I am also unsure about where the money for tuition, rent, and health insurance will come from. It would be an honor to be considered for a SAMFund grant so that I can fund the next chapter of my life and make my mark on the cancer community.”
  • Christina V.

    survivor of non-hodgkin's lymphoma
    "Since I turned 25, I had been paying my own health insurance and copays since I was no longer covered under my parents’ plan. Two out of my four paychecks a month were reserved just for these expenses. I was unable to save any money in my bank account and had no financial security to fall back on. I just recently started paying off my undergraduate loans as well; my graduate loans go into repayment in November. If awarded money from the SAMfund, I can begin to pay off my student loans and health insurance costs. I have grown accustomed to living paycheck to paycheck and would like to become financially independent to ready me for the next chapter of my life."
  • Clint B.

    survivor of testicular cancer
    “We did everything we could to make sure we can hold onto what we have. We have so much love and so many dreams, my wish is to be able for those dreams to flourish and not have the stress we have now due to all of our bills.”

This is a partial list of recipients.